Private Yoga Sessions

Modern Mystic Yoga Academy offers private yoga sessions for practitioners who would like to receive individualized yoga instruction.  We offer a variety of approaches and depending on what you are seeking, you can find a guide to personally assist your unique evolution.

For Personalized Mystic Evolution Coaching,

contact Tamara Lee Standard at

Schedule an initial 1 hour consultation for an inventory of your personal yogic evolution needs, which may or may not include yoga asana, pranayama, and Kundalini kriyas.  Tamara is a natural catalyst, powerful mirror, gifted communicator and can help you to isolate issues that you are ready to address using modern mental yoga techniques similar to life coaching. After spending 3 years in isolated retreat and healing from her own addictive patterns, she has become an ally to help those who feel attracted to connect with her energy to move through fear and undesirable habits. Meditations, chanting and other physical & mental exercises will be used, depending on the individual, to transform your worldview and allow you to relate to your body & mind with more ease and freedom. The yogic path is actually a revolutionary path, that has the potential to lead one out of the cycle of suffering for good, and an evolution ally is committed to reminding you of this, whatever it takes.

“What is yoga, if not a path to direct communion with your very own heart? 

Pain and ego deflation are perhaps the quickest paths & assimilating and integrating our lives’ broken hearts and tragedies, as well as understanding directly through meditation the nature of where these experiences originate from comprise the journey of mystic yogic liberation.”

-Tamara Lee Standard 













1 hour birthdate Numerology reading & Yoga consultation with suggested Sadhana or practice recommendations



3 * 1 hour sessions

includes initial physical & mental yoga assessment, Kundalini Numerology Reading, suggested Sadhana or personalized yoga practice, Yogic Evolution Coaching, 1  full guided kriya/meditation/and deep relaxation session



10 * 1 hour sessions (to be completed within 90 days)

This is for the yogi who really wants to dive deep into their personal obstacles to freedom, develop & refine a personal Sadhana that elevates them up and out of the seeming blocks with strong sustained support from a true evolution ally.