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Yoga is so much more than studio lighting & rubber mats, 
temperature regulation and tight sexy pants!
just saying...
yoga is wild
no doubt 
and there are so many ways to do it.
Nowadays especially,
as the hybrids are prolific and multiplying
It's all skillful means to reach the masses
Yet one size doesn't fit all &
Authentic awakening can't be reduced to a "certified" experience.
But I can guarantee this-
You can learn practices that point you in the direction of personal health, vitality and freedom ~
of how to live liberated with commitment to a daily prescription of mindful movement and breath expansion, meditation and service...a holistic approach to make the absolute most of this precious human life.
Modern Mystic Yoga Academy offers a...

The most empowering event in my life was becoming a yoga teacher. It's not an exaggeration to claim that this role has been an opportunity to outgrow intense conditioning that would have led to an early alcoholic death or similar tragic fate. By serving others in this way, I have healed and transmuted life scripts that never yielded positive results. The combination of applying yogic wisdom to all my human dilemmas and my own dedication to healing from self-destruction and desiring to experience Self-discovery has given me a foundation to help others in their hero's journey home to living the most empowered version of themselves. 

If you feel an itch to walk this path at all, I invite you to join us this summer for a magical journey inward to y...

Today I am settled into my sweet room at the Sri Lankan Monastery in Lumbini, Nepal, which is the birthplace of the Buddha and feeling the impetus to put some thoughts down before too much new accumulates and lest I lose some of the most recent juicy details or insights.  Also, time is precious now because hopefully, I will be going into a 10 day silent retreat very soon, where I will be relinquishing the communication devices in favor of communion of a different sort.  

Yes, I am being drawn again to the sweet simplicity of the Theravada tradition.  It was my formal introduction to Buddhist practice in the year 2000, when I attended my first 10-day silent Vipassana Retreat out of Goenka-ji's lineage from Burma. 

Somehow it feels ap...

It seems appropriate that my first blog post is written while on pilgrimage in India.  Now, having left all that was familiar in America, I sincerely feel fearless in my desire to express my joy freely to those who might seek to commune with me while I am on this journey, as well inspire those who would like to do something like this to join me.

You see, I am literally ‘on assignment’ here in the holy land of yogi saints and mystic wandering sadhus. 

You could say, I am a correspondent for the Evolution Times, an underground divine publication that is sponsored by forces far greater than me.  I somehow got the assignment when the yoga temple (Modern Mystic Yoga Academy) I had opened in Tucson, Az 1 year ago, had to close suddenly after only 10 mon...

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